Thursday, November 23, 2017

Sunnycam Xtreme 1080p HD Video Glasses

You have to be a little careful when describing this particular product. They are a pair of sunglasses with a hidden camera at the front.
It sounds a little dodgy if you put it that way.
The camera (like MOULTRIE HD VIDEO GLASSESis noticeable, however many won’t spotted on a day-to-day basis.
If I’m honest, a trip to the beach wearing these could be quite a worrying concept for those sunbathing around you. Sure, they’re wearing bikinis and shorts, but do they want their bodies uploaded all over the interwebs?
Perhaps next time you see somebody talking to you with a pair of sunglasses on, check above the nose bridge for a small round hole containing a lens.

What these are intended for, once you’ve shelled out £149.99, is to record your extreme adventures. You biking, your jet skiing, your climbing, riding or parachuting. They’re the worlds first water resistant HD video glasses with an IP66 rating. This means that you can get them wet but they won’t survive a full-on submerging. In this review I’ll be bringing you some very dry footage from my drive along a motorway, but I’ve also featured a quick cycling adventure further down.
Now yes, you get the built-in HD 1080p video camera. You get 16GB of storage and there’s a Grilamid TR90 high impact frame. That’s all good, but what if they fall off your face while you’re cycling or power boating?
Luckily they’ve thought of that, and there’s a safety strap that you can attach easily to the arms of the frame.
It records in full 1080p and produces MOV files at 30fps. Although there’s plenty of space with the 16GB storage, you only get an hour of recording time due to the battery. This can be extended if you plug in a portable battery, but then you’ll have a bit of cable hanging off your face which isn’t perhaps as nice to look at.
It’s incredibly simple to use. Everything is fine via a small, easily-to-locate rubber button on the right arm of the glasses.
First though, you’ll need to charge them up via the micro USB port, then simply wear them as you would with any other pair of sunglasses. The charge port sits behind a small rubber flap for water protection.
Although there is an ever-so-slight increase in weight and perhaps width when compared to my normal sunglasses, they’re not totally uncomfortable. Stylish? Well, you can’t really test that out unless there’s one out of the box down at your local Halfords. For me, they were a little wide and the arms down the side of your face had a bit less flexibility that my normal shades. I doubt you’d wear these full-time, and they’re not going to replace your normal shades.
Here’s some video examples. First, a bike ride in the rain. It was, to be fair. getting dark when I decided to do this. The little lens coped pretty well..
Operating the video and photo capabilities is also very easy it is just a matter of locating the small rubber button on the right arm of the sunglasses and pushing it. A quick press will take a photograph and a long dress will start it recording video. Press and hold again to stop recording the video, plus you can take photographs during video capture which I’ve done here.
The lens has a 67° wide angle view and you get all of this in the box. There’s the extra lenses, a microUSB, carry case, lens cleaning cloth and glass safety strap.
What did I like about these? They’re not really vastly different to normal sunglasses and the footage captured isn’t too bad at all. You do quickly realise that, by using your head as a camera, there’s a lot of jolting around. There’s not a great deal you can do about that unless you consciously slow your head movements. Trouble is, if you do that, you could get yourself in trouble.
The pictures are great, especially when you consider the size and weight of this thing. The only minor point I had was that you don’t always get to “frame” your shots too well because you don’t have a viewfinder.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Moultrie A-5 Gen2 Red Flash Camera/June 7, 2015

I pulled out two more cameras this morning from the queue of cameras waiting for review. This year the Moultrie cameras have a new look and are referred to as “Gen2” for generation 2. This helps to avoid confusion with models of the same name from previous years. If you purchase a Lockbox in our store make sure that you select the one with “Gen2” in the description.

This camera is one solid piece with a small door or flap that opens to reveal the buttons, switches, batteries and SD card slot. This puts the entire camera in the back making it easier to aim than those heavy in front camera in the door style that is most typical. We will keep an eye out for leaks around this seal. I have not heard anything but this is something to look for.

The latch feels sturdy with substantial thickness and metal hinges and compresses the door securely when latched. This is good as I feel the rubber moisture seal will hold in a downpour.

The camera design splits the IR array into a right and left side with the PIR on top and lens below. There are only 6 LEDS per side. We will have to see how these 12 leds light up the night in the flash range test. Having 12 LEDs seems like a return to earlier years but LED technology is advancing. Fewer LEDs can reduce battery consumption. If adequate for night time use, then the camera could have improved battery life as a result. Time will tell.

The camera supports 8 AA batteries (as MOULTRIE PANORAMIC 180I ) making it economical to run. The bottom of the camera has a tripod insert with the 12v battery IN and USB out ports.

For mounting there are wide strap slots on either side and supplied is a nice wide strap. There are holes for a python in the rear and I believe that you can loop the python around the camera face and around the tree for a better than average security. There is no substitute for a lock box though.

You can also use the python holes for bungee straps which I will likely do.

The camera is essentially a 5MP camera with a Low and high setting and a single VGA setting for video (640×480). There are 4 delay settings with the lowest being 10s. A simple switch allows you to change delay, and function. After setting up the date and time, you will likely not need those buttons unless you need to change burst mode.

The Moultrie A-5 Gen2 is a basic camera that is easy to setup and use with features that can make it an econmical part of your scouting arsenal.

The day test shots reveal an image that has a bit of fuzziness or lack of contrast. Zooming in a bit reveals a moderate amount of pixellation.

I am off to the trigger testing station with this camera.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Renewable Energy Not a Threat to Grid, Draft of US Study Finds

Wind and solar power don’t pose a significant threat to the reliability of the U.S. power grid, U.S. Department of Energy staff members said in a draft report, contradicting statements by their leader Rick Perry.

"The power system is more reliable today due to better planning, market discipline, and better operating rules and standards," according to a July draft of the study obtained by Bloomberg.

The findings — which are still under review by the department’s leadership — contrast with Perry’s arguments that "baseload" sources such as coal and nuclear power that provide constant power are jeopardized by Obama-era incentives for renewable energy, making the grid unreliable.

“I’ve asked the staff of the Department of Energy to undertake a critical review of regulatory burdens placed by the previous administration on baseload generators,” Perry said last month. “Over the last several years, grid experts have expressed concern about the erosion of critical baseload resources.”

Two people familiar with the report, who asked not to be identified discussing internal deliberations, confirmed the early conclusions though cautioned they were subject to change. It is customary for administration officials to put their own stamp on reports prepared by career staff at federal agencies

"Those statements as written are not in the current draft," Energy Department spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said. She wouldn’t say they are incorrect, just the draft is "constantly evolving."

The report, which is overdue, could be released as soon as next week.

In April, Perry launched the grid study with an eye to examining whether policies that favor wind and solar energy are accelerating the retirement of coal and nuclear plants critical to ensuring reliable power supplies. With President Donald Trump pledging to reverse regulations that have harmed coal, the study was viewed by critics as a way the administration would justify curtailing the surging expansion of wind and solar power and provide help to coal plants.
SunJack 20W Portable Solar Charger will assist you in any situation when you don’t have an access to a wall outlet nearby. The strongest portable power from SunJack will fully charge your devices no matter where you are.

But the draft report concludes: "Grid operators are using technologies, standards and practices to assure that they can continue operating the grid reliably."

Plant Retirements

"Costly environmental regulations and subsidized renewable generation have exacerbated base-load power plant retirements," the draft says. "However, those factors played minor roles compared to the long-standing drop in electricity demand relative to previous expectation and years of low electric prices driven by high natural gas availability."

A separate, six-page draft outline prepared by Energy Department staff in May and also obtained by Bloomberg says that the aging coal and nuclear fleet is under stress from competitive electricity markets, weak demand and rising maintenance costs.

The career officials at the department found that energy efficiency, battery storage and demand response were helping the reliability of the grid, changing it from the way it had operated in the past, but not endangering the provision of electricity, the May draft showed.

Aging coal and nuclear plants have higher maintenance costs and are getting lower payments because of expiring contracts, making them less profitable, the May document says. The profitability of coal plants built in the 1970s and 1980s declined after electricity markets were opened to competition, it said.

Backers of the renewable industry said they were heartened that Perry tapped Alison Silverstein, a Texas consultant and former Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staffer who has championed energy efficiency, to play a key role in writing the study.

Tom Pyle, who led President Donald Trump’s Energy Department transition team, was quick to tamp down expectations for the study, which has been watched closely by power producers and utilities.

"I think there has been way too much build up," he said in a phone interview. "The study has been built up to the point no matter what it says it is likely to disappoint everybody."

Friday, April 14, 2017

What Should You Consider While Picking a Supervised Child Visitation Center?

The emotions that parents feel upon going to work and leaving the kid are tough enough to endure. Nevertheless, there are more serious issues to be coped with to provide proper care for your child even if you are working elsewhere. Leaving your son or daughter under the care and oversight of other individuals might be one of the most difficult and weighty choices to produce. However, there is a  definite measure to be taken and some fundamental guidelines to follow to be sure that you're selecting the very best child care facility to depart from your child/children with.

Read and analyze some lists and contents to look for a child care provider that's close to your residence or workplace. Pick a couple supervised child visitation services and inquire from them by giving each institution a courteous call. A number of the info you'll be able to inquire during your question are:

  • The opening and closing time of the child care facility
  • In the event, the child care facility provides for the meals, in the event the parent should bring the food of the kid or if there are additional prices for foods
  • In the event, the parent is permitted to visit and observe the kid
  • If you're able to drop by the center for visual inspection, what day and time if enabled
  • Don't forget to take notes while conversing with the contact person of the individual supervised child visitation services Tacoma as you discuss with them on the telephone.

Going to the center by means of your kid not only enables you to take a look in the kids and grownups working with the kids. Seeing may additionally make it possible for you to decide if the place is licensed or registered to be clean and safe if there's sufficient space for every one of the youngsters to play and also the playthings supplied for the youngsters to play with. It's also possible to measure the disposition of the health professionals in the organization, in addition, to discover the health professional' reaction upon seeing your son or daughter. Observe the means by which the health professional talks with the little one. Watch as the health professional socializes with other kids already registered in the facility. It's also possible to base your choice on the opinion or reaction of the kids already being cared for in the facility. Watch carefully if they can be joyful, playing contentedly and given an opportunity to make selections.

It might also be useful to inquire opinions from various other parents whose child's or kids are already entrusted to the middle. If at all possible, request immediately from the facility in the event you may telephone their customers as references. Should you be fulfilled by the outcome, perhaps you are able to come to a determination of which supplier you believe is best for your son or daughter. There is going to be a contract to sign with your preferred facility, make sure you read and comprehend the contents of the contract. Whether there are assemblies or assembly the facility is holding for their customers, strive as much as really possible to get involved and participate so that you are going to understand that they're really taking great attention to your son or daughter.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

3 Certain Ways to Boost Your Small Business

Running a business has its ups and downs, and that is something which any business owner is aware of. Part of the challenge to being a business owner is learning how to go with the flow in that sense. You have to learn how to make the most of the highs, and how to get yourself out of the lows. After all, that is all you can do. You cannot just avoid your business having any periods of poor performance. But you can learn how to get out of that as quickly as possible. If your business is currently experiencing something of a slump, then this post might be beneficial to you. We are going to look at some of the most effective ways you can boost your business. These are all tactics which take hardly any time at all, and yet provide immediate boons to your company. Read on to find out what they are.

Re-Engage With Your Customers

Often, business experiences a slump in sales because of a lack of interaction with its customers. If your business is going through this particular problem, then there is a solution. What you need to do is to try and re-engage with your customer as fully as possible. By far the quickest and easiest way to do this is through the use of social media. Social media offers you a fantastic platform for interacting with customers. What’s more, it’s completely free. This is a way of boosting your business without even having to spend a penny. What’s more, it keeps you on trend and on top of the game.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Why Collect Vintage Watches

Before I state the reasons why you should consider collecting vintage watches first one must define a vintage watch. There is no definite cut off date as to what makes a watch vintage or contemporary but many vintage watch collectors would consider watches that pre-date the quartz revolution as being vintage. They are also usually made with a mechanical movement of a mainspring wheel.

There are a number of advantages to collecting vintage watches over the modern replicas or contemporary watches today.

Firstly vintage watches make quality investments. They will tend to appreciate in value over time rather then depreciate so long as you look after them and keep them in good condition. This gives them greater collectible value as you can buy a vintage watch for a bargain today and sell it for a profit in a few years time. Like a modern car modern watches will depreciate in value fast. They have also not withstood the test of time like a vintage watch.

There are also aesthetic and nostalgic reasons to collecting vintage watches. These mechanical devices were intricately crafted through beautiful craftsmanship. They reflect an era gone by or a lost art. There are also many styles to choose from which make them diverse and interesting.

While there have been improvements to watches over the years such as their accuracy and their metal content, titanium watches being the most durable, the essence of how a movement is designed, made and adjusted has remained relatively the same. The major differences between vintage and contemporary mechanical watches are with design and style but even the design and style of many watches today are recreations of classic designs.

Buying Vintage Watches 

When purchasing a vintage watch you need to be aware that there are fake vintage watches out there and that some sellers scam people by selling something which is not authentic and stating it as original.

If your buying online such as from an auction site like eBay you should only buy if the seller can show photos, preferably detailed photos of the watch so you can inspect them carefully and compare them with the same watches on the official website of the watch brand in question. Also check out the sellers feedback. A seller who sells genuine vintage watches is unlikely to have negative feedback about the authenticity of the watch.

Ask the seller for the serial number of the watch in question as all authentic vintage watches come with serial numbers. If they cannot provide them then move on to a different seller as it is possibly a fake.

Vintage watches are pre-owned or worn. If a seller tells you that the watch is brand new or it looks brand new its unlikely to be a vintage watch and more likely a modern replica.

If you learn a bit about vintage watches and their value it should be easier for you to spot a bargain and you may even make a nice profit should you choose to resell it at a later date.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

6 Things Every Small Business Must Bring to a Trade Show

Preparing for your first trade show can be intimidating, but if everything goes right trade shows can be highly beneficial for company growth. On the other hand, if you’re poorly prepared and show up with nothing special to offer, you might wind up going home disappointed by the fact that the neighboring booths stole the show while you sat there and watched everybody pass by. There are certain things that people just expect to see when they visit a professional booth, and if your stand is lacking any of those components, it’s going to be difficult to compete. With that said, here are five things every small business should bring to a trade show:

Attractive Displays and Signage

Nothing catches the eye better than a massive flat screen or a projector that takes up an entire wall. The more displays and signage you have, the better; you can’t really overdo this aspect. Pop up trade show displays are highly effective at capturing the attention of passersby and are therefore essential pieces of equipment to bring along if you’re looking to stand out from the crowd. Some great examples of professional displays can be found at H3 Graphics.

Sunnycam Xtreme 1080p HD Video Glasses

You have to be a little careful when describing this particular product. They are a pair of sunglasses with a hidden camera at the front....